PSA: Xbox 360 Dash Preview invites in the mail [Update]


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by Xav de Matos { 20 hours ago }


Update: According to the comments in this story, the Xbox 360 Dashboard Preview has begun to roll out now.

If you were quick enough on the draw to sign up, you may notice an email from Microsoft in your inbox today inviting you into the new Xbox 360 Dashboard Preview. The public preview -- which opened up for selected press and MVPs earlier last week -- is not fully live just yet, but Microsoft is notifying users if they were accepted into the program. Unaware of what to expect when the new dashboard hits this August? Joystiq has a lengthy guide with a plethora of videos to show you the ropes for the "New New Xbox Experience." Those guys are swell.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]


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lol, the new dashboard, not much of a difference to be honest!

although i did buy myself a lightsaber for my avatar :)
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