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The PSP-3000 series is a updated version of the PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite (PSP-2000), released in 2008.

In comparison to the Slim and Lite, the PSP-3000 has an improved LCD screen with an increased color range, five times the contrast ratio, half the pixel response time to reduce ghosting and blurring effects, a new sub-pixel structure, a microphone, a new disc tray design, new button designs and logos, and anti-reflective technology to improve outdoor playability.

The homebrew community were initially unable to hack the PSP-3000 because it had a new CPU (motherboard revealed to be TA-90v2) which does not support the PRE IPL Exploit used in hacking the previous versions. This is due to the Motherboard having its own PRE IPL where it checks the firmware thoroughly, if passed the PRE IPL is cut off entirely to prevent unwanted modifications to the system.

In November 2008, Datel announced a "Lite Blue Tool" battery which allows the PSP-3000 to boot into service mode. This battery is not able to start homebrew as the new PRE-IPL has yet to be cracked. [16] The Lite Blue Tool was deterred from distribution due to legal action by Sony. [17] Some time later, Datel changed the name from Lite Blue Tool to Max Power Digital and changed the description.
Hi Dan-ger-ous,
Could you re up the info you found on this model its lost since the downtime,also if there are any new developments,much appreciated
hey sinno, there is a crack, but not a permanent one, you do what is known as a ChickenHen update, then install the custom firmware, but and here is a but

- If you shutdown the machine or the psp crash, you will need to use ChickHEN R2 again to load the main app and 5.03 CFW
 Update installer and press O
to reboot in the custom firmware, but if you dont shutdown the machine you are in the custom firmware forever,
so just remember to put the system in suspend mode so you dont have to do this again.

- IMPORTANT Dont forget also like I did the first time that once you get your CFW on the PSP you have to bring up
the vsh menu and switch the driver to M33 driver, or none of your .iso or .cso will work. While in this process
 remember to never mess with the flash files unless you know what your doing, because if you brick a psp 3000;
 the pandora battery will not save you. Even if you are using something simple that you have been using foreve
r in your psp 2000 slim. Just worry about the .iso support as of now. One last thing...their has been bug reports on
 the game Rock Band Unplugged. Apparently it has some antihacking mechanics that will delete your game folder so 
that you cant see the .iso games on your psp anymore.
 Quick fix just add a blank .txt file to the GAME folder if you plan on playing this game.IMPORTANT

it's a little tricky to do the chickenhen update, but for one of your experience, i don't imagine it would be too difficult.

I shall do a bit more scouting around and see if there is anything more permanent out there as this article was dated august last year, but there were replies to it dated till september, I'll be back
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Thanks Wheelo
I knew about ChickenHen allright,but i am looking for a permanent exploit,Dan posted some realy useful info before the downtime and i was going to go scouting myself,using his reference points,i havent ruled out getting a older version yet and heading over to your guide
I've found a guide for ChickenHen, but i'm scrambling my brains thinking what did i post that time. There isnt any permanent hack yet for it. As far as i can remember, the RAM of the PSP is used which puts the PSP in a custom firmware state so you can run your games and other homebrew. Once the PSP has been turned off and then on again, the flash will have to be performed again.

PSPGEN have released Custom Firmware 5.03GEN-A for HEN!! What does this mean? Well its something many of us have been waiting for since the PSP-3000 was released. Full blown Custom Firmware is now possible on your PSP-3000 / PSP-2000 TA088v3. Thanks to GENyUS and

How to Install,

Pre installation: Make sure you have a PSP-3000 or PSP-2000 with Firmware 5.03 – You need this for ChickHEN R2 to work.

1. Download ChickHEN R2 by Davee & Team Typhoon
2. Download 5.03 GEN-A Custom Firmware.
3. Install ChickHEN and run/load ChickHEN R2
4. Follow these steps below

01. Connect your PSP to the computer in USB Mode when you have loaded ChickHEN R2.
02. Unzip on your desktop by example
03. double-click on LAUNCH-ME.exe (GUI)
04.PSP Model : choose options PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 (depends of your PSP)
05.Mode : Choose option FULL
06. PSP Install : Choose option YES
07. Push START.
08.the files are copied on your PSP.
09. Disconnect the PSP from USB.
10. Launch the main EBOOT.PBP / Loader using ChickHEN R2 (only R2! NOT R1!).
11. When the app load, press L or R to flash the firmware in your flash. YOU ONLY NEED MAKE IT ONE TIME!
12. Press () to reboot in the custom firmware.

Known Bugs:

he RECOVERY MODE of the 5.02GEN-A was patché to turn on the PSP-3000. It makes it possible to modify the majority of the usual options. Note that we some problems with this recovery in VSH and will undoubtedly have to be awaited a patch encounters correction so that it is functional at 100%. Note that SMALL GEN VSH functions, him, very well.

Here menus and their equivalents:

* Togle USB = OK
* configuration ok
o Sony skip: do not go (useless thus not engraves)
o Hide corrupt let us icons = walk not and activeSkip Sony logo
o range folder HB ok
o autorun EBOOT ok
o fake area ok
o use vsh finely ok
o XMB USB Device ok
o Charge device with usb ok
o Use M33 network update ok
o use version TXT ok
o hide MAC ok

* use range ok categories
* Reboot in official firmware > nonfunctional
* Run program At = Finely advanced
* advanced = CPU SPEED
* CPU SPEED = Plugins
* plugins = registry hack
* registry hack = suspends device
* device = reboot in official firmware suspends
* Reset system = quit

Put besides that all functions and we will try to correct this as fast as possible.



Another quote from elsewhere that pretty much sums it up:
This HEN works on every PSP on 5.03 regardless of what motherboard you have. This HEN is loaded through a fault in the kernel and TIFF loader, so all you need to do is open a photo and the HEN will stick into the RAM. As soon as you turn the PSP fully off you will need to run the HEN again. You cannot install a custom firmware on the latest 2000 motherboard or on any of the 3000s for now but there are many homebrew programs all being developed to run on this exploit.

A HEN is a homebrew enabler.
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It seems there has been some major advances in opening up this particular hard nut

Well its out, what you have all been finally waiting for! You’ll need the American Patapon 2 Demo below and the save game exploit below. A PSP with official firmware 5.50 to 6.20 OFW will run this. I can confirm it works on my PSP-2000 and PSP Go. I will post a video up soon of this. Yes it works on PSP-3000 too, all PSP models!

Download it, run this and enjoy this new breakthrough thanks to Malloxis, n00b81 and wololo. Hold tight for an Eloader release shortly for this Save Game Exploit and you’ll been playing homebrew in no time on that PSP Go or any PSP with 6.20 FW. Good days ahead and just in time for Easter.

Update: Wololo has just posted that Malloxis infact leaked this exploit, He found it, but Wololo wrote this exploit and Malloxis has just decided to release this trying to get the all credit. An eLoader isn’t ready yet for this exploit. Source: Thanks Ninja88 for the info.

Im not familiar with this particular method so any advice from the residents appreciated
I'll have a look around sinno and get back, if it is true, it is a big breakthrough from the chickenhen way of doing things
this looks like it is apreliminary step, but not a iso loader, that seems to be the next step so you can load games/iso. the terminology being used is E loader and when that is released you can finally join in the world of custom firmware.
sorry about that:gamer: but it is definitely a step in the right direction
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I was looking over that post and was abit confused about what the entire save game data was about in terms of loading iso's and playing them on the PSP 3000 series. But it seems to be coming together now, hopefully that loader is made and published soon, i'm sure there will be a full hack for it eventually.

Thanks to sinno and wheelo for the input. (y)