Quality of service on multisat query


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Previously on Openvix Images service was not too bad on 13.0 but on 19.2 freezing and stop starting and now stopped for everything.

So does ATV work better with services as i dont like German but preferred English better.

Do people still have stutters and wrong EPG times and different programs on screen.


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I am on no ones service now and nowt to look at as time ran out 2 days ago.
Service was good until things started to change and giving more glitches .


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I have noticed with sky de recently more timeouts I have tried earily versions off oscam icam up to the latest version 11718 V9 Some providers are saying there server works better with the earily versions ,the new versions are to strong If you look at ncam its designed to read
the highest three readers so if you have 8 line server it will take the best three ecm times At
the end of the day its best to try different vresions and servers until the ecm times stay below 4ms anytime above will cause timeouts
As stream relay is based on encoding not s.n.r