Query on 5W & 30W


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Can anyone tell me if Sport TV 4K clears on 30W via CS?

Also, has anyone tried the Sky Sport Uno HD and Sky Sport Serie A channels on 5W? Is the Serie A channel in HD? These channels only started this month.
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Yes to sports tv uhd
And think you need multistream tuner to get sky sports uno
I had them but had to reset box and nerver got around to tune them back in
Are these italian stations hard to pick up?.All I can get on a t90 dish from 5.0w seems to be french channels


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Yeah only because I've tuned it in
This is what I get if I delete it off the box
Look at the second picture on my other posts can you do them settings on your box
How do you tune in a channel with signal

I have some but not all the options you have.


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I’ve not got these. I have a VU+ Solo 2 but Im looking at the VU+ 4K Zero and the [email protected] HD51 where you can choose DVB-S2X tuners. Maybe phone the site and ask about the cheaper ones. I’m not sure if Sly Sport Serie A clears. Looks like it’s a SD channel and not HD. Sly Sport Uno will clear as above. It is included in Mediasets package but not heard about Serie A yet.

I need to sort out if I’m going multi LNB or motorised before I get a new box.