Question about Mag 254

Recently got this box as the second set top. I have a Dreamlink T2 as my other one. Read around that a Mag 254 is the best beginner's box and I got it for my parents. Is there any way to use the rewind/pause/play features of live TV like you can with the T2 without the channel having timeshift enabled? I know can do this with the T2 just by having a flash drive or micro SD card put in. Tried doing the same with the Mag but it doesn't work unless the channel has timeshift, which I find to suck tbh. My dad is pretty picky about being able to pause/play/rewind TV and I wanted to give him this box since it's pretty basic enough for him to understand how to use it.
Am I missing something or does this box does not allow it? I tried googling around but all I get are videos related to timeshift or VOD. Thanks.
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