Question regarding system update

HY guys I have a question regarding my Zgemma H2S box running wooshbuild ve: 4.002 and Open ATV Version 5.3 and i have a question regarding updates.

Unfortunately the supplyer of the box and N Gift seams to have gone awol and is no longer responding to any e-mails. over the past few month the channels have become a bit glitchy and once in a while the box seams to lose connection to the server for a few hours and then reconnects.

My question is that having looked through all the system setting i have noticed that there is a staggering 74 updates available to the build of the box and id like to know if i press to update will i lose my gift, and is there anything i can do to back things up in case of any issues.


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An update won't loose your line details the only way you will loose everything is by having to flash your box


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A few momths ago there was an OTA update that would leave the box in "boot" and would require a reflash of a newer Over nightbuild to fix, looking at the build you are on i would say this would effect you, so make sure you take a copy of the line and a full backup prior to doing the updates


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Yes, boobish is 100% right and you could end up with a headache.

Backup your settings
Update to WooshBuild v5 using flash online
restore your settings
Do the updates - including any new versions of WooshBuild which may have been uploaded since.