Radio Code for Nissan Micra 2003 Please

datsun son

hi all could do with some guidance,battery change no radio working on 03 micra numbers on radio 49120008631 and bp234620853983 very grateful for any help thanks in advance


Hi I recently changed my car battery and my radio now requires a code.

The serial number is BP738387804702 and part number is 7647383318.

I would appreciate any help with this.

Thanks for all.


Hi All

I am hoping someone here can help. Lockdown has meant that the car battery has died. I took it out so that I could place it on the trickle charger. Car is alive again but the radio is now asking for a code. I took the radio out to see if the code was on the inside of the radio unit itself but no luck. I looked at the owners manual and wher the radio code is meant to be it is blank.

Im now at a loss and not sure what to do. Can anyone help

Bosch - CM0051 B 2392995
Nissan LCN EU 7 612 830 051 <-- Bosch Part Number
e1 03 5454
25915BH20A <-- Nissan Part Number

Im not sure what else I can find in terms of numbers.

Please Please Please help if you can.


Managed to sweet talk Nissan into giving me the code for free. Thankfully they had it on record and did not have to do a search for it. However it was very much who you get as the guy who answered initially tried to charge me £45 and said the dash would need to come out and the stereo pulled for them to get the code. Called back and spoke to a lady and she simply looked on file and handed the code over.

Thank you to the lady at West London Nissan.