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have found a web site / e mail that provides the codes for any radio if you need any help let me know .

Hi,when I diconected my battery, my radio dont work anymore, could you get the code, its a toyota carola radio, toyota-WH-8403.

thanks in advance
radio code

hi jim

E-mail all the details on the radio to this firm .
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Noticed jimlan got the email cockney so removed it now, don't want them getting loads of spam.

Best sending it by PM, cheers mate.
Some vehicles will lock out the radio when the battery signal (hot) is interrupted. It's more common than you think. It's set up to be a theft deterrent, but is nearly useless as such, in my opinion.
lol yea i am sure they guys stealing the car are like ****! now we cant listen to the new Nelly Cd! forget this man! lets get that BMW instead!
sorry hi teck, taken aboard .

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jim should be ok use him all the time may have been on holiday over easter
lol it stops the druggy scum avin it way, as theyve already sold there com so cant get a code of the net.
I've just replaced the battery in my ford mondeo but don't have radio code.


Ford RDS Radio 6000CD, serial number M186064.

If anyone can help with code it would be really appreciated.
Hi , i had a problem with the air bag on my new Peugeot 307, in order to repair the fold i had to disconnect the battery and now the radio is asking for a code
Can You PLEASE help me.
The serial number of the radio is:CL040120796347
The Model is: PU-2294A(C)
If anyone can help with code it would be realy appreciated.
Thank You!
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