Re-programming second hand Nissan Micra key fobs?


Recently lost my car keys for my Nissan Micra 03 - and am using my spare at the moment. These keys operate the central locking, immobilisor and ignition. If I mislaid this spare set I would be screwed! A replacement set would be approx £250 from Nissan dealer and the local car spare shop said £150ish - both of these are non-starters as the car is worth £400 tops!

I've read on a couple of forums that used keys bought off fleabay can be re-programmed quite easily (turn ignition on and off six times etc...) and I'm thinking of checking that route out, do any of you know of or have any knowledge of these keys being re-programmed effectively?


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get a replacement set now while you still have a working set
lots of key places can copy the fobs you have,
its when you dont have any they have to get genuine ones from nissan
still be best part of 100£ at least tho