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Realtime Worlds teases APB appearance at E3


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By: Griffin McElroy

We've been hearing rumors of Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds' appearance in the upcoming Microsoft E3 Conference for a while now, though we've heard no confirmation of All Points Bulletin's involvement in the highly anticipated, green-hued showcase. However, Eurogamer recently got an intriguing response from Realtime after inquiring about the crime-filled MMO's MicroCon debut.

Realtime Worlds boss Colin MacDonald responded to Eurogamer's query, saying, "I couldn't possibly comment at the moment," but went on to add, "if we happened to be going, I'm sure we would make it known before too much longer, and we'd certainly give Eurogamer a shout to try to meet up." Jeez, you guys. Get a room.

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