rearrange channels in bouquets


Hi I have a zgemma h2s and use wooshbuild 5.003 and WB v1.029. When I rearrange channels say put Alibi and then Alibi +1 after each other and sky1 followed by sky1+1 .

When it downloads the new epg all my channels that I rearranged all go back to being all over the place , what setting do i use so that the new epg download won't move the channels from the order I put them in?

Thanks .


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Disable autobouqetes updating there isn't much need to have it run daily especially if you want to rearrange channels if you notice a channel isn't working then do a scan

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Or you could look at editing the custom_swap.txt I'm not familiar with autobouquetes so someone else maybe better at advising you on how to edit it.