Receiver encountered a software problem.


Hey all...

I seem to keep getting the following message (see pic, sorry for the quality too) I've been adding channels to My Favourites so when i just press EPG they're all there for me to choose from.

What seems to be happening the EPG's aren't fully loading especially the VM channels so when i scroll down and get to a VM channel it will freeze and the following message appears then the box reboots.

I've tried deleting bouquets and re-scanning but the problem is still there.

Any idea's ?

2016-03-21 18.07.49.jpg


Alright mate...

Yeah i have noticed i'm a bit quick on the trigger when scrolling down the channel list.

Is there a way to avoid this happening besides the obvious of just slow down when scrolling.


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i haven't had this with my h2h yet i did have it with my 2s even after reflashing then someone suggested changing the battery on remote and tugging the spring that connects to the battery it may not be fully contacting the battery after doing both i haven't have any issues since