Red Card! Rude Ref Gives Fans The Finger


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One of Europe’s top football referees has been hit with a three-match ban for making a rude gesture to fans at a Swiss Cup match.


Massimo Busacca is the man who took charge of last season's Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United.

He was caught on camera making the middle finger gesture to fans at a match between FC Baden and Young Boys last weekend.

The incident happened after Baden supporters invaded the pitch and Busacca asked for a warning to be played over the public address system.

"I let myself be provoked by verbal abuse from supporters," the 40-year-old match official told reporters afterwards.

"Unfortunately I lost my cool with an unsporting gesture. I was wrong and I will pay the price."

Busacca refereed at the 2006 Fifa World Cup in Germany and is in line to officiate at next summer's tournament in South Africa.

His three-match ban takes effect immediately.

Source: Sky News



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we are all human, and we will make mistakes. if the fans cant take it, then they shouldn't dish it out