Referendum On Electoral System 'Next May'


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A referendum will be held next year as part of the Government's promise to undertake electoral reform, Sky News has learned.


Mr Clegg is set to announce the referendum

The decision comes after the Conservative Party promised to restructure the voting system as part of its coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats.

The Lib Dems have long stood on a ticket of replacing the first-past-the-post method, which some consider simplistic and unfair.

Sky's chief political correspondent Jon Craig said the Government plans to hold the referendum in May 2011.

"This is something Nick Clegg has pushed for," he said.

"What happened is in the last day or so he has persuaded the rest of the Cabinet that there should be a voting system change."

Mr Clegg has hailed the vote as a "once in a generation" chance to make voting fairer - though it falls well short of his party's long-held desire for proportional representation.

"I'm hoping to make an announcement literally in a couple of days, next week," he said when asked about the timing of the referendum.