Regarding Windows 7 Upgrade Option


So I have read that it is cheaper to purchase the upgrade option of Win 7 as opposed to the full version. My question is what happens down the road when you may have to perform a reformat or re-install? Do you have to go through the steps of installing your original OS first be it XP, Vista, or whatever (I have read that you can do the upgrade from a registered Win 7 beta as well, not sure if it actually works or not) and then activate it and such before performing the next step and installing the 7 upgrade? As that would be a huge pain in the rear? Just curious.
Can't answer your question fully there RipIt, sorry, but i have also read that you can upgrade from a registered beta version.
To be honest i would never upgrade any O/S after its been used.

The safest and most certain is always full install from a formatted hard drive

but if you buy an O/S then maybe cost is an issue

The only reason Ms are pushing the upgrade earlier option is because Google are bringing out an O/S and Ms want to get the jump on it because they know they will take a hit, being as its the first full scale O/S release since linux went up against windows and didnt do very well.

Google O/S will probably be quite good but are you going to be happy with google knowing every move you make , before you make it:loco: