Reliable IPTV For Watching Football In The UK.. Possible?


Hello all,

Really frustrated trying to get IPTV working. Not sure if i can mention providers, so mods please delete the names if that is against the rules.

Had a trial with XXXXXXa month ago. Watched all the football at a weekend, great quality and no buffering.
Was so good i got my dad to cancel Sky for this to replace it.
So wait for Sky to end, and then sign up forXXXagain. This time though, unusable buffering or exit to menus when football was on. Can watch for hours on Kodi non weekend.
I had a trial for XXXXX and this was even worse, this one exit to menu and buffered even on days the football was not on. I remember once i started BT 1080p at 6am UK time and it lasted 40 seconds before exit to menu...

So this is what i tried to sort it on both.
Use different machine on same network and different network. Enable VPN. Use different Program, so instead of using Kodi, i used VLC.
Same issues, on VLC didnt exit the program but massive buffering, this was on both my home network and EE phone network, with and without VPN enabled.

So to me this is either the problems below.
1. My VPN is too slow
2. Both providers are oversubscriped and therefore struggle on matchdays.
3. ISP are throttling/blocking IPTV Servers and/or VPN. I use the OpenVPN protocol.
4. Kodi app or programs causing exit to menu.
5. My router is not good enough.

Using VLC, VPN and different networks, think its cant be 4. Since i got the same problems on VLC.
With problem 5 i am with Virgin Media. I use a Billion 7800n as my router. I can only get 60Mbs on this. Using Virgin Media hub 2 i can get 110Mbs. I cant see 60Mbs being too slow for IPTV.
VM SH VPN Holland Pheat 61Mb.Billion VPN Holland Pheat 51Mb. So a 10Mb loss from using my own router, again still think 51MB is fast enough for IPTV via VPN.

Sorry for long post.
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Using your 2nd mentioned service for nearly a year with no issues whatever bar the odd server problem, have approx 10 friends on same with no issues, they have a putty script for enigma2 maybe you should try that cheers

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