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Remote - Exit button icon, Exit button


While navigating menus etc on the Mag 254, at the bottom of the screen there is an image of a button with the word "exit" on it. its not quite a rectangle, but shaped as if, were it on the remote control, it would be at the SW position of the "OK/up/down/left/right buttons" circle. Nn my remote, i have "Home" at NW, "back" at NE, "i - info" at SE and the "Menu" at SW.
The instruction manual names the "Home" button as exit. However, its shape does not correspond to that location. Also Ive seen references on the internet about pressing Menu to exit (which DOES correspond to the location). However when i press menu, nothing happens, and i invariable end up pressing Home which takes me to the root menu.
Is there something I need to do to get the Menu button to work as Exit? Thanks
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Have you updated the software in your box has you maybe on the default factory image?
has the home button should work and the sw button with 3 lines on it.


Yeah, first thing I did. Pressing Home button seems to have an effect of either returning to previous screen or going to main portal


What is a value of option on embedded portal settings -> Interface -> Remote control? Try also changing it to opposite one.