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Hi, I'm going to cancel sly on sunday as ill be in my last month. currently have everything except movies. is the VU+ Uno 4K a good replacement to the sky box? I'm looking at either a VU+ Uno 4K with 1tb, any offers sky then give once cancelled or something like a Humax HDR-1100S 1TB Freesat.

Any advice which way to go? is the UNO fairly easy to setup and what image is best for this?

I may add itv or I could just do this through my firebox.



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Hi, yes thats fine. we mainly watch freesat channels & record these, i would just add iptv for football.


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Uno4k is a great box but unless you plan to take advantage of the FBC tuner it maybe pointless depending how much you can get it for. Maybe zgemma h7s or any other arm twin sat tuner will be just as good. I say arm box as they are slightly faster then mipsel boxes although you can't get much 4k content apart from 4k iptv vod or eurosat.

Flashing and setting up is similar to any other box just add grogbuild freerange or wooshbuild infinity or make your own build with fresh openatv or openvix image.