Request a copy of a recorded programme from another user?


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Is it acceptable to create a post asking if a user recorded something and is willing to share it somehow?

There was something aired over the weekend and I forgot to record it for SWMBO!

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Wouldnt see why not as people request books and such.
Altough i may be wrong lol
Check the rules if its not in there your not breaking any lol
What was you after mate i have plex so will see if i can find it for you.


Probably easier as it was on fta to watch on the hub or set a timer and am sure itv2 will show it about 15 times over the next week lol


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How true that is, I wonder how much of a weeks viewing is just repeats either recent or trawled up from the depths of the archives. Still at least itv funds itself unlike some other well known enterprises which expect you to pay through the nose to watch an hour of program with 20 minutes of ads included and still repeat regularly. Edit this was in response to Dillyps post
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