Request A Good IPTV Server - Apr/May/Jun 2024

Looking for a UK focussed provider with an additional section for VOD and ESPN+ American channels that are updated with upcoming events as either part of the channel name or via the EPG.

Hi I am looking for:-

To run on IPTV Smarters only, no other apps.

Looking for all US/UK channels and premium channels
SKY, Disney, Paramount, Amazon
Football UK and International
VOD Films and series (updated)
EPG (updated)
Will be on firestick and smartphone, though not at the same time
Looking for a UK focussed provider with VOD and 50FPS options for all uk sports channels. Prefer direct suppliers or VIP/TKVeteran.
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Looking for a 2nd iptv provider (incase any outages) must have good solid streaming and have 3pm kickoff and ppv
It will mainly be used on a nvidia shield and android tablet (not at same time) if it require a vpn that's fine I have one. Would like a trail for 24 hrs preferably with sky sports as that's mainly what it's used for. Thanks
UK-based looking for a new provider and doesn't require VPN
All Sports channels (especially for football, Beinsports Arabic would be a huge plus).
VOD TV/movies and usual TV channels (including documentary ones)
1080p & 4K
PC and firestick compatible.
Free trial** (then starting with a 1-3 month subscription as a start)
Good costumer service
Looking for a second provider as having a few issues occasionally with first, based in the UK and looking for:

- All live UK channels with reliable EPG
- All UK sports channels + 3PM kick-off, PPV
- Irish channels + sport
- Works with SurfShark VPN
- Adult Content
- 24-48hr trial
- 4K/UHD UK channels
- VOD TV/movies
- AU/US/CA/Europe channels
- Works on Fire Cube / Fire Stick / LG TV Apps

Currently use Mongoose
4k fire stick smarters or wave. I need a backup as part of the service. Any down time will be no payment for the next quarter.

UK provider and doesn't require VPN
All Sports channels IN 4K/FHD
VOD TV/movies and usual TV channel
Free trial** (then starting with a 1-3 month subscription as a start)
Excellent customer service
Looking for the best IPTV service/plan:
  • US-based
  • 2 TVs at home using VPN (ipvanish)
  • Using shield pro (tivimate) and kodi pc
  • Must be TiviMate compatible (M3U, XSTREAM)
  • Must be ipvanish VPN compatible
  • Must be highly reliable and not oversold
  • Must have reliable support (if ever needed)
  • Must have TiviMate-compatible EPG for US live TV
  • and accurate guide
  • Must have all US Live
  • Want all live US-sports (NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.)
  • want UK, CA live
  • Want all live PPV
  • Want thousands of live channels
  • Want 4K 60+ FPS content as much as possible
  • look back would be nice
  • PayPal or Amazon Pay or similar is ideal
  • Want legitimate website / portal / service (no questionable websites with spelling errors, etc.)
  • Do not want to use your IPTV app
Thank you and have a nice day :)
Hey all, looking for a US/Canada only provider (ideally US based) with premiums (HBO, etc) and sports (NHL is a must). Not interested in international streams beyond that or VODs, PPV or content from nonlinear streaming services (Prime Video, Netflix, Paramount Plus, ESPN+) as I won't use them. Just want good/high quality North America content. 4K where available would be great but not strictly required, FHD at least is required though. Just need an m3u link to set up on my Plex server. Working/updated EPG or channel IDs that are compatible with EPGShare are a must. Need VPN compatibility (Nord).
Basically just want US cable with CBC News/CP24 too lol... locals are nice to have but not a must. Paypal strongly preferred. 1-3 day trial period before purchase please. Only need one concurrent device for now but that may change in the longer term.
Thanks in advance!

AU Based
All EPL Games and 3pm kickoffs.
1080/50fps is ideal.
4k would be nice
No need for vod really.
VPN Compatible but not required
Shield Pro
Tivimate compatible
Aus Channels
No need for 15k+ channels, ideally English only
High bitrate streams

24,48,72 hour trial and paypal please :)
Looking for a new provider

  • All the sports channels
  • Need MU3 link
  • Free trial first
  • VOD TV/movies
  • 1080p & 4K
I’m looking for a reliable & quality service , would like sports included 3pm ko’s and PPV events.
UK channels not so interested in 20,000 channels from other countries.
Would also need to have a good VOD.

I’m using a minix android based box & TiVi mate.

Thanks for your assistance.
- All live UK channels with reliable EPG
- All UK sports channels + 3PM kick-off, PPV
- Irish channels + sport
-Stable service
- Adult Content
- 24-48hr trial
- 4K/UHD UK channels
- VOD TV/movies/Bollywood Movies/web series
- AU/US/CA/Europe channels
- Pakistani Chanels / Indian Chanels
- Works on Fire Cube / Fire Stick /

Looking for a new service:
- US Based, other countries' channels are cool but not a priority
- 2 concurrent streams
- M3u required, got a few device types
- Sports/PPV/Events/Movie Channels/Local Channels/All That
- high quality prefered, true 1080p/4k is a big plus
- VODs not a priority
- Would like a short trial to confirm compatibility/channel availability/quality

Thank you!
Looking for a new service,
UK based
FHD & UHD, 4K channels are a must.
Adult section
National league/ womens etc
Techkings vets only!
No downtime
No buffering. And what speed required for no buffering, a couple of friends of mine have 65mb onwards.
If there's an issue I expect a response not stone walled.
Decent app required for a range of devices.
Big VOD section
Discounts on multi purchases from friends.

Do not message if not a TK VET.
Hey guys, it's that time of year my current provider is hanging up his cables,

Looking for a UK full sly channels package, with the works ie 3pm kick offs, vod film and series ect. Buffer free a must

Preferably one with a VPN built in or something that can support a VPN

Free trial if available and for a firestick

Cheers kings !
Hey, have issue with my current backup service that my wife uses so looking for other options.

- Big VOD focus
- Live TV not a priority
- Adult Content
- Latest and upto date VOD Movies and Series
- Free Trial
- Content actually available. current provider has 402 and container errors on older content.

Using Nvidia Shield and a VPN, any custom app, PLEX or Tivimate if needed.