Resolution skipping/zooming - best settings?


Hi all,

sorry for for what might seem to be a daft question but I've recently noticed that with my settings on auto for video (v.mode) for both 16:9 and 4:3 the picture is constantly skipping and zooming in and out when watching tv. Happens a lot during ads (which doesn't matter so much but still annoying) am just looking for advice on how to minimise this. I'd happily choose an alternative setting but the ones I've tried either result in a letterbox effect with black bars top and bottom constantly (letterbox and scale) or zoomed in cropping the picture off (pan scan) can't find a happy medium except for auto which fits the screen perfectly without distortion or cropping but then it can skip around as described.

Im running wooshbuild 3.03 of this makes any difference.

This is slowly driving me mad so any help you could provide would be appreciated


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TK Veteran
Try auto resolution disabled and these settings
resolution 1080i
just scale
just scale
save and try, if not maybe look at your TV settings?


No change still flicking back and forth. Not due to the tv settings as they have never changed and all other video sources play fine. Definitely down to the zgemma box settings. Anybody have any other suggestions? Still driving me bonkers!


It's within your TV settings. I had the same problem. If you look through the menu for picture options it will be set to 'Auto' somewhere and needs to be 16:9. It took me a while to find as because it didn't affect any other sources I assumed it was something to do with the H2.S settings.