Resonance of Fate officially announced, surprises absolutely no one


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By: Ben Gilbert


Remember last month when we reported on a few trademarks filed by Sega for Resonance of Fate and Resonance of Time? Turns out our predictions have been validated, as Sega has announced plans to bring the tri-Ace developed JRPG End of Eternity to the US and the company is calling the game ... wait for it ... Resonance of Fate!

The Sega blog is pegging a release date on the title for Spring 2010 -- roughly half a year after its Japanese doppelganger -- and offers scant details on the title. However, it does note quite curiously that this is the first time in history the developer is teaming up with a publisher other than Enix (and recently, Square Enix) to release one of its games. Maybe that has something to do with Square Enix's recent Western ambitions? Who knows! Why not rest your worried head in the gallery below? It'll make all the hurting stop.

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