Romance scammers at work


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Using a well known site one gets the odd add friend request and would check them out further,checking further add me to your site special offer 20 quid:X3::X3::love::love:

Latest one she caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman:fearscream::fearscream: and is very upset and wants someone to talk , fishing line at the ready ??

3 days later we are madly in love hugs and kisses and the odd safe photo , her i phone has a big problem and would i send 50 dollars on an amazon card so i could get more revealing photos , fishing line getting reeled in slowly.

Honey when can i get the card , sorry love funds depleted for a few days .

Hi Honey when might i expect the card that you will send to me?

Moved from Uk now in USA pulling teeth:dizzy::dizzy:.

I added her to my friends and strangely enough she has no friends:cry::cry: i am not there. sulk sulk.

Very little on a profile about her and 1 hot photo.

Register on Hangouts and we can chat ok my love

New email setup for me first and we got chatting .

Laptop over here is enjoying the fun as sometimes it does not want to play.

She is on hold awaiting her new boy friends diminishing funds to send card over to USA when i reveal the security number on it.

She will do anything i can dream of , oops just got brown trousers:fearscream::fearscream::X3::X3: see they are brown.

The only card i can find is this one. red card.png

So the moral of story is have fun with romance scammers.

To be continued:love::love::love::love::love::love::love: my love


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Still chatting and having fun and i liked her photo of $100 amazon gift card :LOL::LOL:

Now she wants to update her iphone 5s which costs $50

Google suggest end of support end of march :fearscream: cent dropped

Maybe she needs to get a newer nokia 3310?:sleep::sleep:

While i think of it does one know where a gmail account is from and how to check it:LOL::LOL::LOL:


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Lost contact with them when laptop died and lost details:X3:

Still listed as a friend but on search its gone now , ahh well next in line come forward.emoji_clapemoji_clap:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
I used to look for known romance scammers in forums like, to contact one and mess with them a little, knowing they are scammers makes it easy not to fell for it. :)


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Any Friernd request now goes through a security check , most people have many posts and photos and friends and lacking many are rejected.

Found out if you let them in your hit with an adult website , No Thanks.