Romulation no longer hosting ds games


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Its been of for a while now and doese'nt look like they will be hosting ds games anymore,its a great shame,it was always a reliable place for a backup,official statement from site
The goal of RomUlation has always been to provide users with an opportunity to try out games in order to determine whether it is a game worth purchasing or not. We have always respected when publishers or developers felt RomUlation did more harm than good to the sales of their product.

The owner of this game contacted us with concerns that our service was doing more harm than good, so as per our goal and beliefs we have complied with their request to remove their intellectual property.

This currently covers ALL of the NDS games and is permanent, meaning they will NOT be downloadable again soon.

We understand that this may frustrate users who were looking for new games to test but we hope you also understand that this is both necessary and in accordance with our beliefs.
I think nintendo strikes again
it is and still is a great place for retro gaming


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Didn't this happen before? hopefully they will be able to bypass this. thanks for the info Sinno