Roy Keane Apology


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Football legend Roy Keane has apologised for his comments last week over the Thierry Henry handball affair and his anti-FAI rant.

The former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland captain, who wouldn't be accustomed to changing his mind on subjects, apologised after he was confronted by an angry fan at the Ipswich Town AGM on Monday night.
Keane made some scathing remarks at a press conference last Friday, lashing out at the FAI and blaming the Irish defence for the goal that knocked Ireland out of the World Cup.

"The comments were perhaps over the top and I apologise to any supporter I might have offended," said Keane.
"I'm 38 years of age and I'm going to make mistakes."



At the heated meeting in Ipswich, a disgruntled Town fan asked Keane to step down as boss after the team's abysmal start to the season.
Keane was on the defensive for much of the meeting as members discussed Ipswich's worst start to a season in 73 years.
He admitted that if current form continues he will not be in the Ipswich for too much longer.

"I know that if results don't improve I'll lose my job, but I'm not fearful," he said after receiving the backing of Ipswich chief-executive Simon Clegg.
Keane has led Ipswich to just one victory in 19 league and cup games, and the former Ireland and Manchester United captain said that he was "embarrassed and hurt" by the team's record.

The situation at Ipswich would not have been helped by Keane's remarks last week when he decided to lay the blame for not making the World Cup squarely at the door of the FAI and the Irish defence.


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Have a soft spot For Roy Keane Noely.Think his Bark is worst then his bite.
Maybe its the Man Utd in me:whistling:.Thanks Noely


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I always had time for him ally until he opened his mouth last week.

He had the cheek to call Mick McCarthy a s**t manager lol


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Im not really into soccer and Roy coming from the same city as i do i just dont know about this guy, anger management is on the cards big time,i know his father Mossie brothers etc all i can say is he was a good player but way too hot headed..............:loco:



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As I said before if the name Delaney or FAI is spoken around him he loses it completely. The red mist we used to call it and it's still there.


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And the Vieira bit at End Noely.Mad:loco:lol

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Agree Mooley.Keane and the FAI was never a match made in heaven


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ah well he will have plenty of time to get his opinion of delaney and the fai off his chest soon enough if any media outlet cares what he has to say by then lol...........maybe big mick will give him a job at wolves,maybe in the canteen being so full of hot air as he is,at least he will be working in the premier league then :)


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Very good I still think he will make a good Manager.Will get a bit of stick
for thislollol.Just like the guy(y)