Rugby content please

Hello all. Trying to see if anyone can answer a question. I'm trying to see if or what is the best way to watch Rugby League matches.

I currently have a zGemma H2S box with the iPab image on it. I am aware that the NRL games are played on Prem Sports but I am after older games like the old GB test matches, State of Origin, grand finals, etc.

Does any line provider have or be able to provide this content? If anyone can point me in the right direction will be great

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You won't find any content for rugby league other than prem channel iptv won't have any as well
they used to be a sub backed iptv sports addon for kodi they was Aussie based&had the channel 9 network like sky used to show S.O.O other than that search navi x if you have kodi but zgemma isn't built for iptv really