Rumor: Xbox 360 to get motion-sensing add-on with full body game control?


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Here's a wild one. We just got a tip from someone who purports to be in the know on Microsoft's efforts to beat the Wii at its own motion-sensing game, with some of the details lining up with what we were hearing last year along these lines. The word is that Microsoft is building a "sensor bar" of sorts, but instead of detecting the waggles of Wiimote-like controllers, it detects full body movement and sound, sans controllers. There are two sensors on the bar, along with a mic and a camera, and while our tipster has "no idea" how it actually works, it sounds pretty impressive. Here's a quick rundown of capabilities mentioned:

* Full body and hand gesture control of games / characters.
* In fighting games you kick, punch, duck, dive, jump and so forth with your body.
* It also picks up small hand gestures like pinching, grabbing and scrolling.
* There will also be video conferencing and games with video.
* Trivia game over the internet with live images of each person playing. When a question pops up, they can clap to buzz in.
* You can "move objects on your screen" and the other party can see what you're doing in real time.
* Sensor detects only the person playing, not folks observing on the couch.

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