Run Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously


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Run Multiple Skype Accounts simultaneously on the same PC.

Did you know that if you have more than one Skype account that it is possible to run them all on the same PC, same Windows User Account, at the same time & even have them all auto login at the double click of one shortcut icon on your desktop?

Well you can!

It doesn’t matter how many Skype accounts you have, you can run them all simultaneously.

For example, I use three Skype Accounts, one for personal use, one for work use & one for forum use.

So, let’s say I’m logged into my personal Skype account & I’m chatting to someone? but someone else is trying to contact me via my work account. Under normal circumstances they would be unable to contact me because I’m already logged in under my personal account.

Thanks to an ingenious little App called SkypeLauncher, created by Stefan, you can now achieve the above without any degree of difficulty whatsoever.


What is Skype Launcher?

Skype Launcher is a tool for running multiple Skype accounts on the same machine.

What OS are supported?

Windows 2000, Windows XP (x86 & x64), Windows Vista (x86 & x64). Others may work, but you will need to test them yourself.

Any other requirements?

Yes. Visual Basic 6 Runtimes.
If you have XP SP2-SP3 or Vista, the required files are already installed. Otherwise you can download it here:

How to Install SkypeLauncher?

You don't! There is no need to install, just place the 2 exe files wherever you want. (SkypeLauncher.exe and the SkypeLauncher_config.exe)


Create a shortcut on your Desktop to the file “SkypeLauncher.exe” & simply use it to open as many instances of Skype as you need. You can then manually log into any of your accounts at the same time on the same machine.

Can I get it to log into all my accounts automatically?

Yes you can. Simply run the file “SkypeLauncher_config.exe” and click on the "ADD" button, enter the username & password for your Skype account. Repeat this for whatever number of Skype accounts you wish to log into & click the “SAVE” button.


Now every time you click on the “SkypeLauncher” shortcut on your Desktop, it will open all your included Skype accounts and automatically log into each & every one of them.

Here's an example of my three accounts active in the system tray.


Important Notes:

1. Obviously, you must have Skype installed on your system :rolleyes:

2. You *must* disable the "Sign me in when Skype starts" feature in Skype! (see Picture below)


Download SkypeLauncher:

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