Samsung galaxy s10 screen replacement


I'm looking for any good solutions for a problem I have with my Samsung galaxy S10. I am currently looking for a replacement screen, the price for one is near enough £200 I have no problem with being able to replace it myself and want to as phone was still in mint condition bought only 2 years ago but screen was smashed after a year. It seems mad how I have looked at people selling Samsung galaxy s10's second hand and there all range between £150 - £350. Screens do not surely cost £200 to make, we all know it's a possible marketing trick for when screens are broken and that much to fix. People go spend that on a new phone instead. Has anyone got any miraculous idea to save my phone or shall just sell as spare or repairs.


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People will pay the silly prices people ask for I got my missus screen replaced for £80 from my regular phone shop guy who I go too it's worth looking round first.
You make a valid point the price you've been quoted you could buy a new phone for that price