Samsung Phone to Ipad storage.


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Hi, my mum has a samsung phone don't kow what model but its not dead old, with about a million photos on. It's running low on memory.

She hasn't got a computer, only an Ipad.

I was thinking she needs some type of Cloud based memory that she can transfer the photos to
free up memory on the phone but also be able to access them through her Ipad.

I have a computer so I can drag all the stuff off her phone and upload them to where ever but them she will need access to them.

Is there any particular apps she should use ? and where do I get the free storage space from ?

Anyone know the easiest way of doing this ? I'm sure I will get the job as I will get the standard "how am I supposed to do that, I'm a pensioner routine" :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Any pointers would be great, I can set it up for her but after that it's got to be easy to use or she will drive me nuts.


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She won't have anything set up on her phone

She only got Watsapp the other day cause the kids set it up for her.
Don't think she still knows how to use it. :laughing: :laughing:

Just been checking out some options.

She has a hotmail account which she never uses but can manage to log on to.

So Onedrive will give her 5Gb free and works with Ios and Android


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Worth a shot mate or Google drive was there an ad card in the phone as may have been saved to that if was one in phone


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Yeah googledrive gives you more free space but you need to set up a Gmail account
and she will probably lock it up putting in the wrong password over and over again :laughing::laughing:

Yeah been checking One drive out, looks like I will stick all the photos onto my computer.

Upload them from here, it will be quicker

After you create an account it keeps you logged in so it's staright forward to use.

I assume it will be the same on her Ipad.

As I mentioned the simpler the better or it will end in disaster :laughing::laughing:

Thanks for all the replies (y)