sat box with hdmi-cec or RF remote

Hello. I currently use a gtmedia v9. I would like to forfeit line of sight to control it. The gtmedia does not support any form of hdmi-cec and I don't think there's any usb addon that would help me solving this problem but I am all ears. Anyway, I am looking for another sat box that either has a pristine hdmi-cec implementation or uses an RF remote. I plan to use it with a LG magic remote which has some universal remote capabilities although I would need to check explicitly for support. Otherwise, I would rely on hdmi-cec which is not my preferred option as I would lose the ability to use the number keypad. Budget price, integrated wifi, 4k and iptv are pluses but not mandatory. Thanks for the suggestions.


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If you are good with Enigma 2 boxes the Octagon Sf8008 Mini 4k fits your requirements, infa red receiver so you can hide it away and has stalker plugin for IPTV and reasonably cheap.