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Satellite supplier in Tallaght?


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Does anybody know of a sat supplier in Tallaght because my girlfriends old man got a remote for an obscure sat receiver a while ago somewhere there? As one or two live there I thought someone might know. Cheers all.

It's okay thanks I found it in the end!
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I bought a new dreambox 500c but the remote control buttons Exit and Menu don't work. It would cost more to send back and wait for a replacement from China than to buy a new one here. 30 quid I was just quoted which is grand.


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That would be excellent cheers Wildchild! Whereabouts are you? I have to run out in a moment to do a job but will be back in a couple of hours mate.


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thanks mooley, they seem to have a lot of diff things in stock, handy to know.