Saying GOODBYE to Mr Murdoch!!


Hi all.

I currently live in Cornwall and am the lucky recipient of woefully inadequate terrestrial tv reception due to the fact that I live in a valley and the signal has to be reflected off of the opposite side of the valley. Great reception in Winter but not so good in Summer when the trees have leaves and the wind blows creating a ghostlike double image on every channel. I am also blessed with nearly 1mb of broadband connection with no likelihood any improvement in the foreseeable future so streaming tv from the internet is also a frustrating pastime. 3G mobile signal is only available in the adjacent towns (approx 3 miles away in opposite directions from my house) so no chance of using a mobile dongle either. The only option left open to me was to bite the bullet and add my hard earned cash to Mr. Murdochs mega millions and subscribe to Sky TV.

As the years have passed and the Sky subscriptions along with my reluctance to pay them have continued to spiral upwards at an alarming rate, I have recently become aware of Freesat and Openbox receivers. I've spent a while researching on the net and eventually came across this forum. Fantastic information readily available and easy to understand. Thank goodness.

This is me saying GOODBYE to MR. Murdoch.
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What a refreshing intro, normally it's just "hello" and run.
Welcome aboard the good ship TechKings, good to have you here.
Plenty of info on this site, so have a good look around, I'm sure we'll try our best to get you a solution.
Oh, and don't limit your reading to openbox, look at zgemma, VU boxes too.

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Yes, great introduction, I wish I'd thought of a better way to introduce myself (I made balls of mine and got a infraction lol)
Anyway this is by far the best friendliest forum about. Plenty of us on here have had and got most of the receivers about so jut ask and someone will be along to help [emoji106]