serial codes from ebay


hi, im currently using kaspersky anti virus on my pc and my subscription is about to end, the kaspersky web site is asking me to renew at a cost of £24.99. i have been looking on ebay and i can buy a serial code for kaspersky at a much lower cost can anyone tell me if these are genuine and do they work? thanks.


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this is only a recommendation and nothing more but i would be inclined to use a good free av like avast and put your money into the paid version of malwarebytes to run alongside it.another good program to add here is malwarebytes antiexploit free version.its worked like gold for me.just my 2cents.


Yes most times they are fine i am a seller of AV software on EBAY and customers always get what they pay for. Also Kaspersky is the best i use it myself.