Set Up and Use XP Mode in Windows 7


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Recommended Requirements:

Processor: Processor capable of hardware vitalization, with AMD-V™ or Intel® VT turned on in the BIOS.

Memory: 2GB of memory recommended.

Hard disk requirement: 20MB hard disk space for installing Windows Virtual PC. Additional 15GB of hard disk space per virtual Windows environment recommended.

I have already posted a free App. that will tell you if your processor is capable & that is available HERE:

You'll need to install two software packages on your PC:

(1) Download and install the Windows Virtual PC, which is the vitalization software that powers "XP Mode".

(2) Download and install the Windows XP Mode, which is a specially crafted XP virtual machine.

Once you've completed those steps and restarted your computer, run the Virtual Windows XP item in the start menu, add in a password and make sure to choose to remember the credentials if you want the integration features to work smoothly.

Once the wizard is complete, hopefully you will see a dialog that sets up XP for use, which will take quite a while. If you receive a message that hardware vitalization is not enabled, reboot your computer and check that the BIOS option is enabled, usually found under the advanced settings page.


If all goes well, you'll see a Virtual Windows XP window, complete with a notification to install antivirus software.

Note: Since XP Mode is nothing more than Windows XP in a virtual machine, you should take the advice and install your favorite antivirus application, especially if you'll be downloading files in the VM.


At this point you will need to install your applications in Windows XP, and make sure to choose "All Users" anytime you are asked who to install the software for, the integration features won't work with software that installs just for your user account. If you can't install for everybody, you can simply choose "Open All Users" on the start menu, and copy a shortcut to the application into the start menu's programs folder.


Once your applications are installed and shortcuts are in the All Users start menu, they will automatically show up in the Windows 7 start menu under the Windows Virtual PC -> Virtual Windows XP Applications folder.

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