Setup with unicable feed + standard diseqc feed


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I only use 28e and 19e these days and was considering removing the 80cm motorised and replacing with a smaller fixed with 2 lnb's, now this unicable has got into my head.


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Multiswitch another opition to combined
Saroview and sattelite Using wallplates
No expert but do e2 recievers not give fatal
No signal due to the time powering the l.n.b


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I started off with a sky dish then got a triax 80 cm motorised setup about 12-15 years ago when i bought my first boxes tm1000d with scart x 2 and still got them somewhere in the house.

Added another sky dish and pointed to hotbird to give me more channels on another tuner but lately been told to get a bigger dish 80cm to open more channels with ease and as i wanted 19.2 added a second lnb quad.Old sky dish as too small was removed.

So left with motorised triax 80cm and feeds to 3 rooms,thought i had 4 dam memory lol
New 80 cm with 2 quad feeds from 13 and 19.2 fixed dish as i like recording a lot.
Old sky dish on 28.2 with an octo lnb.

I had issues with no signal on 19.2 and had lnb replaced on motorised and next day still had issue as cable had a fault and replaced to diseqc.
Also got outside aerial fitted for saorview one feed to extension for tv and another into attic for distribution to other rooms,and guess what new quality cable had a fault and needed replacing.

In reflection now if i was starting from scratch again i was told to get a 1m dish and multiple lnbs and could be added to and this unicable idea would possibly the way to go . A mate on another forum loves his home made project on feed hunting with this dish as sometimes its the thrill in doing things and seeing what can be done and you thought you had a big one lol
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With a satellite FBC tuner there are 2 feed inputs. Could you use 2 separate feeds for each input i.e. cable from unicable LNB for 19.2E into input 1 and cable from unicable LNB for 13.0E into input 2?

Would you then be able to split the tuners to:
19.2E Tuner A, C, D & E
13.0E Tuner B, F, G & H

Effectively giving you 4 tuners for each satellite? I believe you can input a unicable LNB into input 1 and have 7 tuners and run another feed as a single tuner on input 2 but not sure if you can split the virtual tuners evenly.


A question regarding unicable lnb's, if I have two receivers in separate rooms and I wanted to feed both from the unicable output, would this work? As I see most only have one unicable output