Several issues setting up my Zgemma H2s


Hi all

Firstly, I'm not a complete moron when it comes to electronics, but I'm not exactly fantastic either, so any help that anybody can provide (no matter how obvious it may seem to others) could be of great use to me.

I bought a Zgemma H2s boz the other day to replace my SKY package. I bought the box in Satworld in Dublin and the guy in the shop flashed the sucmnsee image onto it for me. I then bought a gift off a guy on ebay and he sent me a cline code and a link to the fantastic setup tutorial on this site.

I managed to get the line working, so have the various sports channels etc all working correctly, but not in HD (I knew Sky sports was no longer available in HD, but BT Sports being off the market was news to me), however none of the HD channels apart from the Free-to-air UK channels such as BBC and ITV are working. So thats no Discovery HD, Nat Geo HD, RTE 2 HD etc. Obviously, I can live without these, but if they are and should be available to me then obviously I would prefer to have them, so is there anything that I may have done in my set up to stop me from getting these? Just to clarify, the channels are on the receiver, but nothing happens when they are switched to, just the previous channel's picture freezes.

Next, I can't seem to load the EPG. I followed the instructions to the letter, formatting a disk, downloading the cross etc, but nothing has changed. When I go into the EPG, about 5% of the channels have listings for the next 30 mins, but all the others are blank.

Finally, (I think), how can I rearrange the channel order? Navigating between the sports channels is infuriating as the HD channels that aren't working are scattered in between the channels that aren't working. Is it possible to get rid of the channels that aren't working altogether. Again, following instructions I've been messing with the Autobouquet provider options, to the extent where I've tried most combinations, but nothing seems to have changed.

So, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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First things first,you cant get any HD channels other than freeview on that box,have you got a usb stick inserted in the box to store the epg data and have you set your box to your region in auto bouquets before scanning


Yes, I've got a USB stick in, properly formatted and recognised by the receiver, but still no luck with the EPG. Yes, I've also set the correct region in auto bouquets but no joy there either


Also make sure you choose sky uk SD and this will have all the standard definition channels together followed by the HD ones. I made the mistake of choosing HD and had the same problem.


Sorry to be so late in responding to everybody, I was away for a few days. EPG is working as of this morning, not sure why exactly, as I'd tried everything that I was advised to several times before I went away, then tried again this morning and lo and behold, it's working. As for the HD channels, although I'd resigned myself to not having any, I was at a friend's place yesterday and he has Premier/Setanta Sports working in perfect HD on his VU zero. Is the unavailabilty dependent on the Satellite Receiver?


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If your line provider has Irish cards you should get Setanta HD if you include not indexed channels in your ABM setting and rescan?
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