Should I Buy a Kryptview?


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Yes, but i heard that nobody knows how long they will be working for, and it might be only a few weeks, which would be a waste of money. :(


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u dont have enough faith lol,u could get knocked down while crossing the road as well,no one knows how long any of us or box are gonna survive and with the last 2 fixes coming out first for arnet,it might outlast me:grin:


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No one knows for sure how long the Kryptview will last in Ireland.
Its up to the individual, If they want to chance their arm & purchase one of these Boxes.
The switch to nagra 2 is moving fast enough, & no one knows how fast the nagra 2 switch to nagra 3 is going to take.
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i see everybody is looking for the shop in irl that sells the kryptview lol,are we allowed to tell him where to go??:confused:gpo:grimacing:


(y)hi lads anyone bought a kryptview in dublin recently is it hard to set up or is it straight forward giving all the problems lately here


Hi was thinking of getting a couple of these for myself and a couple of mates.I was just
wondering if I set up 1 box favs etc can I make a channel file that can be used on the
other boxes.


i am going to get a kryptview . might as well take a chance my starview was great while it lasted but missing all the football. where in dulin south can i pick one up.
first day on new site,any replys would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the quick reply mate just ordered one now, are they anything like the starview. do they have to be flashed. are they hard to use. Soz about al the questions just real excited now.