SID not found in PAT HELP!!


Hi guys,

I know there are plenty of threads with this issue but I have honestly tried everything and I'm close to pulling all my hair out..if anyone can help me fix this I would be forever in your debt.

I have a ZGemma H2H with openvix for Virgin cable with a line installed. Every bloody time I get this stupid error. I try scan after scan, rebooting, full automatic scan..everything! Most times I literally get zero channels working with the SID not found in PAT error. Sometimes after a scan I get a few channels (and I mean a handful of channels) but they go blank again with the error.

Please see my set up pictures below. I'm from Epsom, Surrey and I believe my network ID is correct. If anyone can help me I would be most grateful:

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id say you have the wrong net id mines preston2 and trust me im 20 miles away from there

if you do a normal scan ie not ABM you should be able to pick a lot of channels up,you dont need you net id for that