Sky Box Office (gone?)


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Here is the sketch... :)

The wrestlemania pay-per-view was on Sunday night. The company WWE have a deal with Sky Box Office to repeatedly show their pay-per-view non-stop for an entire week, and so this saturday/sunday would be the last days for the repeat of the pay-per-view. All was going well. I've kept an eye on the Sky Box Office channel and on several occasions i've watched different WWE pay-per-views and Boxing events. The frequency used was 427.00 Mhz - and named TCVH3.

Now after the 'mass frequency change' we've had in Birmingham (possibly in other areas too) all the frequencies have been changed for every single channel. The Sky Box Office channel on 427.00 Mhz - TCVH3 is no longer on that frequency, infact i've just found the one channel that begins with TVCH and is classed as scrambled ('m not shown the message that this channel is scrambled, its what i'm told in the menu about what channel type the channel is), the other TVCH channels are listed as free so they are probably picking up random shows that other viewers are watching on the network. I'm expecting to see the pay-per-view repeats when i'm flicking through the channels but no joy. I've also checked all TVCH channels, Live Events, and other PPV related channel names.

Could this mean the end for free SBO shows?