Sky magic eye scenario


I've setup my zgemma h.2h box now and it's running smoothly. Very happy with it. I have a question that I've been trying to look into all day.

I want to try and hide my zgemma box in a cupboard that is behind/next to the tv. So all wires will be hidden behind the tv. Is there anything I could use like sky magic eye to control the box without having to actually see the box? I was thinking I could then have this just sat on top of the tv?

Any info is a great help


TK Veteran
Sky Magic eye isn't compatible.

You could always use a usb IR extender there is plenty of tutorials on how to do that.

Alternatively you could download an app which you can change the channels with on your phone/tablet


yes as above or you could use ''Marmitek PowerMid XL infrared extender set'' if you wanted to use the remote. selling on amazon for around 30 pound


Sorted this issue now, bought an IR extender over hdmi. Works a treat now. Zgemma box is hidden in a cupboard and only have an 'eye' under the tv.