Sky open box no signal


bought last year free gift for vs8 open box worked ok for the first 3 months but now NO signal and supplier not responding to email request , do I have to purchase another gift /code or ????
any ideas and advise on good supplier if I need to purchase again.


TK Veteran
when you say no signal, are you saying no signal on all channels or just some? Might not be your gift tbh


Gift is only required for Non FTA channels.

If nothing works then there could be many reasons first check the obvious;
1. Your cable connections from you dish to the box.
2. Faulty LNB
3. Dish misalignment.
4. your signal level

If FTA channels works then check the followings;
1, Network connections i.e ethernet cable connections, router...etc
2. remove and re enter your gift line.
3. Ensure your gift is active with a little green tick
4. Update your channel list
5. Perform Blind scan on a single satellite.