Smallworld, wightcable


Sometime in the last 24 hours cable company smallworld formerly known as wightcable completed it's change from Nagravision to NDS as has been planned since April 2007. Unfortunatley for people with hacked cable boxes in these areas thats the end of the road for free cable. The following excert is from 2007 but gives information about the areas affected.

The UK cable operator WightCable North has selected NDS VideoGuard Express to replace its existing conditional access platform. WightCable North has a presence in the West of Scotland (Irvine, Troon and Kilmarnock) and North West of England (Carlisle, Lancaster and Morecambe), in the latter case through networks belonging to the former Omne Communications. Linked to WightCable on the Isle of Wight, it is one of the last cable operators in the UK not owned by V88g8n Media. WightCable North claims to be the UK’s only provider of triple play services on a totally digital network and is to be re-launched on April 23 under the brand name Smallworld. Besides NDS VideoGuard Express, it will employ a new set-top box powered by NDS MediaHighway middleware.