Softcam not in tv menu


I have just finished setting up my H2s zgemma box i went to put a line in and i had no CCcam.cfg so i made one in note pad opened filezilla and dragged it across to /etc edited my line saved it. Then i went to find softcam on my tv and i cant find it there. I have gone through the menu setting on tv and cant find it. please help i think im almost done it.



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Not sure... They're the ones Sucmnsee uploaded, always worked for me.... apart from on the ItalySAT image anyway.


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If it's atv, it won't be in the plugin download menu. A wee Google will get you it and ftp it over and install it


have a look at my barebones guide at the top of the zgemma 2s forum. There is a link in there and full instructions


I am using your guide i figured out what i did wrong i missed that page out somehow. i have got to the bit plugins ipk installer memeory /tmp then when i click on it comes up with no displayable files on this medium found. fixed that problem.
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