SOLD: Zgemma H.2H box, Satellite Tuner A OK but Terrestrial Tuner B not working, £15 to clear.


SOLD: Zgemma H.2H box, powers up and receives all available Satellite channels & IPTV Channels. Please note: Satellite Tuner A is working OK, but Terresrial Tuner B is not working. Has the protective film as shown in photos. Serial Number: 36001702000045348. Selling for £15 plus £3 UK shipping for box only (NO psu or remote). May be collected from NW London. PM me if interested. SOLD!


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if it's the same one advertised for ten wing-wangs you'll have to remove one or the other.
If someone buys that for £10 it's sold


I will offer 10 for box only as no PSU or remote so will cost additional 20 quid for both, can get a new one for 50 notes