starview 1 box went down no channels working HELP.


it went at about 7am today and is not working.
i am using 4.00e.E / Boot V . 7
And when you go on any channel it says no signal, even a channel like bbc1.
Ash have you checked the obvious i.e. cable in the back is there a provider breakdown? sometimes the very small things can be overlooked got caught a few times myself.
i pulled it out and put it back in and turn it off and on a few times, but still not working.
I had the same problem recently this is what i did factory reset rescan then reboot then turn emu on.hope this helps

Providing that your provider isnt experiencing a breakdown in service.
i put in the old nthell box in and it is not working so i will wait for a day and if it still not working then i will do that thanks.
No bothers ash post back if you have any problems,hopefully its a service provider breakdown if not then it could be a cable issue.
Unplug the coaxial cable from the box ash, and put in in the back of the TV & see if you are picking up the basic channels.

If not, then more than likely its a cable co. problem.
Is this the starview 1 box?

I have that one and havent got Sky now for months. Is there a fix out for it?
starview 1 no channels

I thought the starview 1 was completely dead is there a fix out there to resurrect it,as I get no channels in waterford
well there is outhers box ev 1000xl ,5100 ,5000,dream box ,itgate , starview 4 usb digvox usb, there a few have a look around see what kind of deal you can get there no box with fix for n3 all boxes that are working are on n2 so know one knows yet will happen when n3 is roll out mate
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Hi there,

Some of the channels on my starview box 1 are missing not all just some.
Is there a fix for this do you know at?

Thanks in advance.
A factory reset & autoscan on your provider will get all the channels back.
Factory default pin is - 0000

After the autoscan, turn emu on

Menu > 1570
Set Default key > ok
Turn emu on & exit to s*y sports 1.