starview 4 lost bbc utv in Dublin


I have a Starview box super usb and have lost the bbc utv ch 4
and sly 1-2 and other stations.
I have put on the beta new firmware done a factory reset, done a re scanned ,then turned on Key Code and pressed the default setting, but to no avail.

Can anyone please help.


Retarded Gimp and a complete T.W.A.T
The beta version is meant 2 get them channels bak

Make sure u aint scanning your box with a SPLITTER attached

if you have a splitter attached take it off and scan straight from the wall in2 the box

ALSO check to see if there aint no matience work in your area as well


Hi Benson ,do a factory reset, when the language comes up press ok and then go to the usb section and do data restore on the beta file when that finishes then do the rescan on automatic ,making sure your service provider is correct.
When that finishes click menu and turn key code to on and exit 3 times then go to sk* 1 and it should be back.
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