starview 5 usb


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yes starview they have done it again,new box just out and no firmware lol,release date monday and hopefully firmware also,as with all starviews they have their own firmware and do not put anything else on it or you may brick it..


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Some bleeding cheek bringing out another box, in my opinion :eyebrow:

I might move this to the comedy section lol


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its all about money, starview dont care about the end user, just profits


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After all thats happened since march i think the only way these boxes will sell in ireland is if they came with a nag 3 fix,i would also doubt they would be able for the iptv format which is to be introduced to the uk supposedly in 2010


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lets wait and see wot happens. no point worrying about it now, if peeps won`t to buy the new box enjoy.:)


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fiasco has started firmware released,but freezing and faulty needs another update too many bug in system:grin:


The cheek of starview bringing out another box the usb 4 one caused me some problems and wont answer my Emails .never again i tell ya .there like
Only care about the money,

i suppose you get what you pay for