Stop dog from getting onto couch


Does anyone have any tips for preventing the dog from jumping up onto the couch??

I have a 5 year old chocolate lab who we never let on to the couch, but over the past year as soon as we leave the room she is straight up onto the couch making herself at home for a snooze. We are about to take delivery of a new couch and want to be able to trust her in the living room on her own if we were to nip out, or even just go upstairs.

Does anyone have any tips for getting her out of this behaviour?? I might resort to an electric wire fence if I cant solve this!!!


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I have a lab too and he also likes his comforts by sleeping on the couch but thats what labs do!!:)

Would suggest placing a cover over it as you wont stop him from jumping on it thats for sure lol

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We have a large hairy wolf dog who loved the couch until we bought a dog mattress off e-bay---now peace reigns unless you touch his mattress.


To keep the dog off the couch is food reward training, find something that ur dog thinks is high value, i.e. raw meat or cooked, tell them down to get them off the couch, as soon as they put paws on floor give them treat and in a high pitched voice,praise them like u never praised them before.
everytime they try to get back on tell them no sternly,if you go out and leave them at home put dining chairs or something else on so they cant get up.


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my dog gets on the couch all the time, it's leather (the couch, not the dog!) so it's easy to keep clean. She's not a big dog, i suppose if she was a rotty or Alsatian it would be a different matter but I'm not that fussed personally