Sucmnsee auto update killing my Bouquets?


Hi, I've had my H2H a few months, I put the Sucmnsee image on it and it's been working fine. Then over the last couple of days it seems to have auto updated and I've now got a load of new folders/bouquets available, and none of the content in them works (SID not in PAT error), and also all of the channels in my existing folders error out.
I ran a fresh scan and got all my channels back in my existing folders, the SID error went away, and I just manually deleted all these loads of new folders that appeared.
All was good in the world again.
Then I've come home tonight and it's done the same again! I've got a load of new folders and all my channels are dead! So I'm currently running another scan and I'll go through the same process again.

How do I turn off this auto update thing that must be going on? If my channels move ever few weeks/months, I dont mind doing this scan myself, but I dont want it doing this auto update thing for me and killing everything.

Thanks for any help!